Saabs or our lives: Saab NA Hertiage Collection up for auction

Many of you may remember our posts from a few weeks ago concerning the Saab Museum in Sweden going up for liquidation sale and the subsequent saving of the collection.

Now the same fate awaits the North American end of Saab's Heritage Collection. The Saab Club of North America and Hemmings Motor News are reporting that Saab North America's collection will all hit the auction block this week. .However, this sale is being conducted a little bit different. The Saab museum has a vast collection of cars, where the Saab North America's collection consists of only 11 cars that are all significant in their own right. As such, the entire collection of 11 cars will be sold as a lot rather than breaking the collection up. This is unfortunate, but it will for at least the time being preserve the collection as a whole. And what the collection lacks in size, it makes up for in variety. There are production cars, race cars, and even a prototype convertible.

McTevia & Associates is handling the sale and all bids are to be submitted by noon on Friday February 10th. All bids are to be submitted to the attention of  Dennis McTevia. The Saab Heritage Collection is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan and are being sold as is, and on bill of sale only. So you would have to be creative in order to license any of the cars for road use.

Here's a sample of some of the cars in the collection. Well, at least the ones I really like.

There were only 6 Saab Sonetts built in 1956. So this is probably the most significant car in the collection. This was the second car built that year.

 This 1960 Saab 96 is a genuine rally car. It won the 1960 RAC Rally of Great Britain and was driving by Saab and rally legend Erik Carlsson. I don't think you would want to submit this car to vintage rallies today.

I have always been a huge fan of the Saab 99/900 Turbo coupes. This 1978 99 Turbo was a one year only car and had a production run of less than 4,500 units. This example shows less than 40,000 original miles and has been meticulously restored to like new condition.

Following on the success of the 99/900 comes the 1986 900 Turbo convertible prototype. What's really col on this one is the rear spoiler has been carved out of wood rather than the molded rubber of the production model.

This 1987 9000 Turbo sedan was one of three cars built for the FIA Saab Turbo In The long Run challenge at Talladega Raceway (Save me Tom Cruise!) in October 1986. The three cars featured sealed engines and transmissions, a full roll cage, and six point safety harness. The cars were treated to 20 days and 20 nights of straight driving and the only repair parts that could be used  would be 179 pounds of spares carried in the cars during the challenge.  During this time, each car racked up over 100,000 kilometers and averaged between 130 and 133 miles per hour and covered over 3,000 miles per day. Quite an endurance test. All 3 cars still exist. One in Saab Museum, one at Talladega, and the car pictured here. These cars also beat Talladega's average speed record set by Ford of 132.5 miles per hour. Saab also set 21 International and 2 World Speed Records.

Saab would again return to Talladega in 1996 with a fleet of new 1997 900 coupes in an effort to break their records set in 1986. The cars were set up no different from the 1987 models and followed the same strict guidelines set by the FIA. At the end of the challenge, 18 of Saab's records were beat and an additional 22 International Speed Records were set. For more info on the Saab Talladega challenges, check out this great article over at Hemmings.  

We'll keep you updated as we hear more about the sale and potentially where the collection will end up. 

Source: Hemmings Motor News
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