Saabs of our lives: No news is good news?

News about Saab's future is sketchy at best. News has been very slow about what is happening in Trollhattan. Here in North America, Saab dealers are about at their wits end with the company. There have no new cars in months, sales have plummeted, and now there's no money coming in from warranties. But all of that came to an end last month with the announcement that Saab North America was essentially pushed into bankruptcy filings by the Saab dealers themselves who filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy on January 31st. This means that Saab will go in to full liquidation. Saab NA, has essentially been shut down since December 19th when Saab Automobile filed for bankruptcy protection in Sweden. As of January 13th, 80% of Saab NA's employees had been laid off. Now the U.S. headquarters in Royal Oak, Michigan will shut down sometime this month. McTevia & Associates who was appointed as the administrator prior to the bankruptcy filing says that they are still working on finding a buyer for Saab's parts distribution arm as there will still be a demand for Saab parts.

Source: Automotive News.
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