The last Saab? Well kinda sorta

Even I have been surprised about how quite the Internet has been about the ultimate demise of Saab. As of our last check, dealers here in the U.S. for the most part have put the sale of new Saabs (some still 2010 Models) on hold til Saab corporate and Saab North America figure out what the next move is. In the mean time it has been announced by fan site, Saabs United that a handful of Saab workers will go back to work to finish the last 100 or so cars left standing on the assembly line for the last few months when production stopped. Should Saab fade off in to the darkness, will there be a last hurrah or a show of appreciation as the last Saab leaves the assembly line like the last Ford Crown Victoria and Ranger or the last Oldsmobile? Doubtful outside of the thousands of Saab fans worldwide. But that is all the news that is currently floating around the net on what fate has in store for Saab.

We do also hear of a series of events being held around the world for Saab in the next few days. www.outside-saab.com is showing there will be 73 events in 35 countries on the 14th and 15th of January. I can't tell if these are events being held in hopes of saving the company, or just to celebrate the quirky brand we have all come to love. Either way it brings the fans together.

Source: Saabs United
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