Saabs of our lives: Breaking news! Museum liquidation sale

Now you know things are bad when a car company liquidates their private museum collection of cars. GM did this a couple years back at Barrett Jackson selling cars from their Heritage Collection, but still keeping the choice stuff. Word has come down today that Saab is liquidating their collection of cars. Interested buyers have until Friday January 20th to submit their offers for the whole collection or individual cars. Saabs ranging from the original 1946 Ur-Saab to 900 Turbos to formula cars. Milestone cars like the 4 millionth Saab, Rally 95s and 96s and even concept cars are all up for grabs. I would imagine many of these cars are being sold for pennies on the dollar, the only problem for those of us here in the U.S. is shipping the cars back. For a full listing, please see this PDF file. I hope a listing of what the cars sell for will be made available.

Source: Bringatrailer.com
Saab Museum 4705083074764271148

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