Barrett Jackson bringing a host of interesting cars to Scottsdale.

The folks at Barrett Jackson are really stepping up efforts to go back to their roots in a way by auctioning a wide array of classic cars that you typically would not expect to see. I've been browsing the catalog for the 2012 Scottsdale auction and found several unique classics that are set to be auctioned in a little more than a week's time. Here's what's caught my eye.

1948 Tucker Torpedo. What's not to love about the tucker? A truly uniquely styled car and a great story of the American Dream and free enterprise. Preston Tucker is a person I admire greatly, just imagine if things actually did work and the car flourished. This car comes from the famed private collection of Ron Pratte who is a staple at Barrett Jackson auctions.

1939 Buick Roadmaster. This one caught me because of the fact that it's the 1939 Indianapolis 500 pace car. The catalog doesn't say if it's "The" car that paced the race, but it's still really cool to think of a car this big as the pace car.

1957 Desoto Adventurer convertible. There's just something about the overall look of this one. I don't know if it's the wire wheels or the gold and black paint. A lot of folks might go for the Chrysler, Plymouth, or Dodges of this era, but there's something classy about the Desoto. And I think it looks the best out of them all.

1933 Desoto. This one stood out because it's not only a classic, but it was used in a classic film. 1967's Bonnie & Clyde. What's even more outstanding is that the car is essentially how it appeared in the film. Bullet holes and all. And it still presents itself very well. This one will make a collector very happy.

Also from 1933 comes this Pierce Arrow from the Blackhawk collection. I love the styling of this car cause it is radically different from anything else on the road at that time. This car was owned and restored at one time by the late Bill Harrah of the Harrah's Collection. This will be a significant sale at the auction without a doubt.

Also coming from the Blackhawk collection is this 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing coupe. If there was ever a blue chip collector car, this is it. The dark silver paint just suits the flowing lines of this SL.

This 1947 Bentley may perhaps be one of the most beautiful cars in the world. This example with Coachworks by Franay comes from the Ron Pratte collection and has over 50 awards won for it's beauty. This is a one of a kind classic that will stop them in their tracks at any concours.

Next up is this 1941 Packard 160 limosine with Body by Rollson. This caught me eye because of the unique town car body style and how the passenger compartment was styled with a traditional carriage roof. This car harks back to the era of old money, and you can just imagine the sort of events and parties this car was used for.

Lastly is a car that is no stranger to Barrett Jackson. This 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible was used in the TV show Nash Bridges and was driven by Don Johnson. He liked the car so much, he purchased it when the show went off the air. In 2003 he and Cheech Marin drove the car across the auction block and sold the car, where it returned the following year to move to another collector. You may be saying, wait that's a 71 Cuda. In traditional Hollywood magic, yes the car is a 1970 Cuda that was modified to 1971 standards for the show.

Source & Photos: Barrett Jackson
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