Where is Henry's punch bowl?

It's no secret that Henry Ford was one of the greatest minds to have lived in the 20th century. Aside from building some pretty fine automobiles, Henry Ford also dabbled with racing. In 1901 Ford, participated in a race put on by the Detroit Driving Club. He built a car specifically for the race, all in hopes of securing backers for his next automotive venture, which was of course, Ford Motor Company. Also participating was Alexander Winton, a fellow car builder from Cleveland, Ohio who was also considered the best driver in the country at the time. Winton's entry in the race was secured by letting him pick the trophy for the race which was a cut glass punch bowl set. And it was picked because Winton had a spot in front of a window in his home where it would look perfect and "really tie the room together". What Winton didn't count on was Henry Ford's determination. The race officials changed the format from a 25 lap endurance race (that was a lot in 1901) to a 10 lap sprint. While Winton's car was vastly more powerful than Henry Ford's "Sweepstakes" racer. The size and light weight of Ford's car gave the advantage. Catching and passing Winton's car by the eighth lap. Winning the race, Henry Ford did was any driver would do, by taking the punch bowl home. After Henry Ford's wife Clara's death in 1950, many of the Ford's possessions were auctioned off. This included the punch bowl, which sadly, no one knew the meaning of.

Now, Edsel Ford II want's it back. Ford Motor Company and the Ford family now fully understand the special meaning of the punch bowl and want it back, badly. The punch bowl is wanted for a new addition to The Henry Ford museum called Racing in America. All in an effort to teach and raise awareness of the science and technology of motor racing. And the punch bowl is an extremely significant part of that history.  Edsel Ford is hoping that thanks to the Internet that the punch bowl can be found. It is known that it was purchased by a private collector in the 1950 auction. So hopes are that it's out there somewhere. Look at the picture carefully. Perhaps it is sitting on your grandmother's dining room table. You could be the hero of the Ford family!

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