Fit for a future King.

Just like the millions that got swept up in Royal Wedding Fever, we were no exception. Though for different reasons. The cars! There is no denying the Royal Family has some of the most stunning vehicles at their disposal. And of course, a wedding with all of its pomp and circumstance is the perfect time to polish up the vintage Rolls Royce. It was quite a special treat to see so many of the vintage state cars out in the open. Everything from vintage horse drawn carriages to Rolls Royces and Bentleys, even a vintage Daimler state limo. Both Prince William and Prince Harry rode to Westminster Abbey in the Queen's Bentley state limo. While Prince Charles and Camila rode in a 1950s vintage Rolls Royce state limo. And Kate Middleton and her father in the same 1970s vintage Rolls that was attacked by protesters a few months back. The real treat was when Prince William and Princess Kate emerged from the gates of Buckingham Palace in a stunning dark blue 1969 Aston Martin for a parade lap.

Said Aston Martin has it's own unique ties to the Royal Family. It was given to Prince William's father, Prince Charles as a 21st birthday present from the Queen. What a gift. It's also special because it's been rebuilt to run greener in a sense. It's been converted to run on alcohol from vineyards owned by the Royal Family. Neat stuff.

The Queen of England. Bentley 4150570294151187133

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