Butler Pennsylvania plans Jeep Heritage Festival.

Butler Pennsylvania may not be known to many in the automotive world. Butler is in fact birthplace of the Jeep. History has been skewed a bit to overlook Butler, but they're out to change that. When the U.S. Army put out the word for creating a new staff car just prior to World War II, American Bantam, based in Butler answered the call with their prototype  Bantam Reconnaissance Car as it became affectionately know throughout the world as the Jeep. American Bantam's design was the selected design and though enhanced a bit, went in to production. Along with being produced by Willys and Ford. Butler, PA and American Bantam produced nearly 3000 Jeeps and other war effort materials from 1940-1941. American Bantam had been building small British Bantam vehicles in the years prior to the war and after the wars end, continued to produce military products until closing in 1956. However, they never produced another vehicle after Jeep production ended in 1941.

August 12th through the 14th will be the 1st of what is being planned to be an annual event. The Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival. Events will include an all Jeep parade through downtown Butler, PA. Trail rides, A Jeep playground, camping, show & shine, and how to clinics. Not only that but there will also be live entertainment and much more. Plans are also set for Guinness Book to be on hand to have the parade be marked as a record setter.

We'll be covering most of the events live. So stay tuned!

For further information, please visit bantamjeepfestival.com/
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