Henry Ford Museum under construction

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn Michigan is a staple for any car enthusiast to see when in the Motor City. The collection of vehicles on display is outstanding as it really represents the Automobile and what it has done to transform both America and the World. That being said, the Henry Ford's collection does not feature just Ford vehicles. Just about all of the American manufacturers are represented from Ford to Tucker, and many foreign manufacturers as well. From MG to Volkswagen. Even Honda.

You can see the famous Golden Rod land speed car. Pause and reflect in front of the 1963 Lincoln Continental  limousine which carried President Kennedy through Dallas. Even sit in the very same seat that Rosa Parks defiantly sat in, that sparked the Civil Rights Movement. They have it all. Recently, the Henry Ford announced that there will be major renovations to their transportation section of the museum. This will make the exhibit more accessible and more interactive than it has ever been. And we're hoping it will also bring room for expansion to the collection. I try to stop and visit the museum every time I am in Detroit. Usually making several trips a year and spending hours taking in the history of the automobile and American life. Just as Henry Ford would have wanted.

The Henry Ford Museum
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